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The Institute of Art and Law is an educational organisation giving knowledge and perspective on the law relating to cultural heritage a concept which includes art, antiquities, archives, archaeology, architecture, monuments, treasure and much, much more.  IAL’s educational remit is fulfilled through publishing and courses. It convenes distance learning and intensive courses (both public and in-house) on art and museums law, as well as seminars, study groups and conferences in the United Kingdom and abroad. It also publishes monographs and commentaries on all aspects of the law relating to cultural heritage, in addition to a quarterly periodical, Art Antiquity and Law, now in its twentieth year.

IN MEMORIAM – Norman Palmer QC CBE

5 October 2016 – We are sad to announce that the Institute of Art & Law’s Academic Principal, Norman Palmer QC (Hon) CBE, has passed away. Norman was the guiding light of this organisation ever since its beginnings over twenty years ago. Along with his wife, Ruth Redmond-Cooper, he made the IAL what it is today. He provided countless hours of instruction to hundreds of students and will no doubt be sorely missed by all. His wisdom and intellectual curiosity led to the publication of foundational tomes, including Palmer on Bailment, Art Loans and Museums and the Holocaust, as well as dozens of articles in the area of art and cultural property law. For more, see here.

Upcoming Events

  • Artists, their work and their legacy

    The legal issues of managing an artistic oeuvre 17th November 2016 2:00 pm until 6:00 pm, followed by a reception. Hosted by Boodle Hatfield LLP. Event to be held at the firm’s Bankside offices in London at 240 Blackfriars Rd SE1 8NW. Topics to include: artists’ rights, street art, artists’ estates. Speakers to include: Tim Maxwell (partner, […]

Latest News

  • Completion of the DipLCM course

    Last week saw the completion of another intake of our Diploma in Law and Collections Management course, which ran from 17 to 21 October. The course, which is geared towards professionals in the museum and gallery sector, covered areas as wide ranging as restitution, cultural heritage laws, mediation, treasure, insurance, copyright and bailment. Guest speakers included Tony […]

    Published: October 25, 2016
  • Upcoming event on artists, law and legacies

    We are proud to be offering an event with Boodle Hatfield LLP in London on Thursday, 17th November. The afternoon event, entitled ‘Artists, Their Work and Their Legacies: The Legal Issues of Managing an Artistic Oeuvre‘, will focus on three main areas: protecting an artist’s work, the appropriation of street art and managing an artist’s estate. […]

    Published: October 24, 2016
  • The passing of Norman Palmer QC CBE

    Last week, Professor Norman Palmer QC CBE passed away. He was the Academic Principal of the Institute of Art & Law, having served as its guiding light for over twenty years. It was because of him – his tireless commitment to teaching new generations of students, his profound understanding of the law of cultural property […]

    Published: October 11, 2016

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