Art Antiquity and Law - General Index 1996 - 2014 - B


Topics covered:

Bilateral Agreements
Bona Vacantia
Burial Archaeology




Bailment 1996 I-3 Norman Palmer Art Loans as Legal Animals
Bailment 1998 III-1 George Ortiz The Cross-Border Movement of Art: Can & Should it be Stemmed?
Bailment 2001 VI-4 Rosalie Cass The Museum Courier and the Distribution of Liability for Loans in Transit
Bailment 2007 XII-1 Jonathan Wood Warehouse Keepers and Limitation of Liability: Ofir Scheps v. Fine Art Logistic Ltd
Bailment 2008 XIII-1 Melanie Bristow Bistro Blues: Tavoulareas v. Lau
Bailment 2008 XIII-2 Norman Palmer Marooned Art and the Pleading of Third Party Rights: Banks v. Ferrari
Bailment 2008 XIII-2 Nicholas Queree Detinue: Gone but not Forgotten? Schwarzschild v. Harrods Ltd
Bailment 2008 XIII-3 Norman Palmer The Curator’s Egg: Kamidian v. Holt
Bailment 2009 XIV-3 Norman Palmer Blowing in the Wind: Liberated Banknotes and the Bailee by Necessity - Ngan v. The Queen
Bailment 2011 XVI-1 Norman Palmer The Case of the Vanishing Lovers: Bailment and the Burden of Proof: Hardy v. Washington Green Fine Art Publishing Co. Ltd
Bailment 2011 XVI-3 Norman Palmer Fast Food and Slow Payers: Sadcas v. Professional Finance
Bailment 2011 XVI-3 Norman Palmer Thinking the Unthinkable: Constructive Pessimism and the Orchestration of Claims - Spencer v. Franses and Jabir v. Jordan
Bailment 2012 XVII-3 Paul Stevenson Unpicking a Tapestry of Entitlement: Spencer v. S. Franses Ltd
Bailment 2014 XIX-1 Norman Palmer Unclaimed Art and the Duty of Active Pursuit: Cornelius Gurlitt and the Hidden Hoard
Bailment 2014 XIX-3 Norman Palmer The Role of Bailment in Cultural Property Claims
Bailment 2014 XIX-3 Katharine Mason Pandora’s Boxes: the Duty of the Bailee: Rolfe v. Investec Bank (Australia) Ltd
Bailment 2014 XIX-4 Katharine Mason Scope of Bailee’s Duty Regarding Insurance: All Covers and Accessories Pty Ltd v. Sidawi
Bailment 2014 XIX-4 Katharine Mason Aggravated Damages in Bailment: Thakrar v. Secretary of State for Justice
Barakat 2009 XIV-1 Patty Gerstenblith Schultz and Barakat: Universal Recognition of National Ownership of Antiquities
Belgium 2014 XIX-4 Marie-Sophie de Clippele with Lucie Lambrecht Protection of Chattels within a Listed Building: the Case of Stoclet Palace, Brussels
Benevento Missal 2011 XVI-4 Tullio Scovazzi The Return of the Benev. VI 29 Missal to the Chapter Library of Benevento from the British Library
Bequests 2000 V-4 Keith Stanton Improving the Rights of the Disappointed Gallery (Queensland Art Gallery v. Henderson Trout - on appeal)
Bilateral Agreements 2009 XIV-4 Rhonda Schechter Preventing Pillage and Promoting Politics: the Dual Goals of the US-China Bilateral Agreement
Bona Vacantia 2012 XVII-4 Michaela Guthrie A Comparative Study of the Scottish Law of Bona Vacantia and the English Law of Treasure
Books 1997 II-4 John Feather Disputed Title in Antiquarian Books
Books 2006 XI-3 Patricia Kennedy Grimsted and Konstantin Akinsha  The Sárospatak Case: Rare Books Return to Hungary from Nizhnii Novgorod – A New Precedent for Russian Cultural Restitution?
Bosnia 2003 VIII-2 John Yarwood Cultural Warfare
Brazil 2003 VIII-3 Charlotte Woodhead Exhumation of a National Hero and the Return to His Homeland In re St Mary the Virgin, Hurley
Bulgaria 2014 XIX-3 Nikolay Nenov Stefan Karadzha’s Tombstone in the Baba Tonka House Museum
Burial Archaeology 2013 XVIII-1 Carolyn Shelbourn Burial Archaeology: Reflections on the Law, Policy and Ethics of Research on Human Remains and ‘Digging the Dead’