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Topics covered:

Design Rights
Dispute Reolution
Droit de Suite
Due Diligence



Damages 1997 II-2 Caroline Forder Goldreyer Settles for 100,000 Dollars
Damages 2003 VIII-3 Katherine Sykes Damages for Contamination by Oil
Damages 2007 XII-3 A.H. Hudson Damages: Diminution in Value or Reinstatement? The Choice - Aerospace Publishing Ltd v. Thames Water Utilities
Damages 2008 XIII-2 Norman Palmer Marooned Art and the Pleading of Third Party Rights: Banks v. Ferrari
Damages 2008 XIII-3 A.H. Hudson Anticipatory Breach of Long Running Contracts: Damages and Events After Breach: Golden Strait Corporation v. Nippon Yusen Kubishka Kaisha
Damages 2008 XIII-4 Norman Palmer Truth, Value and Loss: The Jewel of Many Facets - Zabihi v. Janzemini
Damages 2009 XIV-3 A.H. Hudson On-Line Auctions and Specific Performance: Smythe v. Thomas
Damages 2009 XIV-4 Norman Palmer Armory v. Delamirie and the Jewel of Many Facets: Proof of Value in Chattel Claims: Zabihi v. Janzemini
Damages 2010 XV-4 A.H. Hudson Problems in Formation of Contracts and Damages:  Durham Tees Valley Airport Ltd v. Bmibaby
Damages 2013 XVIII-1 Paul Stevenson The Mystery of the Coleridge Collar: William Duke Coleridge, 5th Baron Coleridge of Ottery St Mary v. Sotheby’s
Damages 2014 XIX-4 Katharine Mason Aggravated Damages in Bailment: Thakrar v. Secretary of State for Justice
Databases 1997 II-4 Patrick O'Keefe Use of Databases to Combat Theft of Cultural Heritage Material
Databases 2005 X-4 Gertrude M. Prescott Much Ado About Cultural Databases
Databases 2014 XIX-2 Nina M. Neuhaus and Sophie Balay Databases on Lost and Stolen Art: Is Consulting a Database an Inherent Requirement of Good Faith?
Deaccessioning Art 1996 I-4 Jennifer White When it's O.K. to sell the Monet: a Trustee-Fiduciary-Duty Framework for analyzing the Deaccessioning of Art to meet Museum Operating Expenses
Deaccessioning Art 2003 VIII-1 Sir Anthony Mason Ethical Dilemmas for Charities: Museums and the Conscionable Disposal of Art
Deaccessioning Art 2003 VIII-2 Carolyn Shelbourn Redundancy, Ruin and Ritual - the Disposal of Ornaments and Furnishings from Anglican Churches
Deaccessioning Art 2008 XIII-3 Jessica Caban Charity, Morality and the Relinquishment of Objects from Museum Collections
Deaccessioning Art 2009 XIV-2 Sue Chen Art Deaccessions and the Limits of Fiduciary Duty
Deaccessioning Art 2010 XV-1 Edward Manisty and Julian Smith The Deaccessioning of Objects from Public Institutions: Legal and Related Considerations
Deaccessioning Art 2011 XVI-2 Derek Fincham Deaccession of Art from the Public Trust
Deaccessioning Art 2012 XVII-1 Pamela Sidey Paintings, Politics and the ‘True North Strong and Free’: The Legislation and Litigation of the McMichael Canadian Collection Art Mandate
Dealers 1997 II-2 Antony Griffiths Codes of Conduct
Dealers 2005 X-2 Georg von Segesser and Alexander Jolles Switzerland's New Federal Act on the International Transfer of Cultural Property: An Update and a Perspective from Collectors and the Art Trade
Denmark 1997 II-4 Tini Peterzens-Nysten Export Licensing in the Nordic Countries
Design rights 2014 XIX-3 Antonella Barbieri and Federica De SantisStampa Copyright Protection for Designs: the Approach of the Italian Courts and Italian Law Flos v. Semeraro
Designs 2001 VI-3 John Phillips Are Designs Properly Protected? An Overview
Detinue 2008 XIII-2 Nicholas Queree Detinue: Gone but not Forgotten? Schwarzschild v. Harrods Ltd
Dispute Resolution 2004 IX-1 James Nafziger A Blueprint for Avoiding and Resolving Cultural Heritage Disputes
Dispute Resolution 2011 XVI-2 Konstantin Parkhomenko  Taking Transnational Cultural Heritage Seriously: Towards a Global System for Resolving Disputes over Stolen and Illegally Exported Art
Dispute Resolution 2013 XVIII-1 Alessandro Chechi Evaluating the Establishment of an International Cultural Heritage Court
Droit de Suite 2006 XI-2 Simon Stokes Artist’s Resale Right – A Summary of the Artist’s Resale Right Regulations 2006
Droit de Suite 2010 XV-1 Matthias Weller Choice-of-Law Rules for Droit de Suite: the German Model
Droit de Suite 2010 XV-3 Jack Ogden Will the Glitterati be Affected if they make Glitter Arty? Jewellery and the Artist’s Resale Right
Droit de Suite 2013 XVIII-3 Paul Kearns A Hidden Minority: A Comparative Study of the Rights of Artists in England, France and the USA
Due Diligence 1998 III-4 Janet Ulph Exercising Due Diligence in Art Transactions
Due Diligence 2012 XVII-2 Norman Palmer Casting a Lamp on Due Diligence