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Topics covered:

Elgin Marbles
European Union
Export Controls



Ecclesiastical 2004 IX-3 Charlotte Woodhead Re Holy Trinity, Bosham: The Mystery of King Harold's Final Resting Place
Ecclesiastical 2001 VI-2 Kathryn Last and Carolyn Shelbourn Caring for Places of Worship? An Analysis of Controls over Listed Buildings in England and Scotland
Ecclesiastical 2003 VIII-2 Carolyn Shelbourn Redundancy, Ruin and Ritual - the Disposal of Ornaments and Furnishings from Anglican Churches
Ecclesiastical 2003 VIII-3 Charlotte Woodhead Exhumation of a National Hero and the Return to His Homeland In re St Mary the Virgin, Hurley
Ecclesiastical 2012 XVII-3 Hind Essoussi Art and Law: the Indentures Bipartite between King Henry VII and John Islip, Abbot of Westminster and Related Objects
Ecclesiastical 2014 XIX-3 Zehrah Hasan Chiming to a Different Tune: Discord between the Diocesan Committee and Consistory Court over Heritage Bells
Egypt 2012 XVII-1 Kelly Culbertson Contemporary Customary International Law in the Case of Nefertiti
Elgin Marbles 2000 V-4 Hon. E.G. Whitlam Pericles, Pheidias and the Parthenon
Elgin Marbles 2001 VI-1 William G. Stewart The Marbles: Elgin or Parthenon?
Estonia 1998 III-1 Anu Laansalu A Lost Art Collection (Estonia)
Ethics 1997 II-2 Antony Griffiths Codes of Conduct
Ethics 1997 II-2 Kathryn Walker Tubb Focusing beyond the Microscope: Ethical Considerations in Conservation
Ethics 2003 VIII-1 Sir Anthony Mason Ethical Dilemmas for Charities: Museums and the Conscionable Disposal of Art
Ethics 2008 XIII-3 Jessica Caban Charity, Morality and the Relinquishment of Objects from Museum Collections
Ethics 2013 XVIII-1 Carolyn Shelbourn Burial Archaeology: Reflections on the Law, Policy and Ethics of Research on Human Remains and ‘Digging the Dead’
Ethics 2013 XVIII-3 Leila Amineddoleh The Role of Museums in the Trade of Black Market Cultural Heritage Property
EU 1998 III-1 Irini Stamatoudi The National Treasures Exception in Article 36 of the EC Treaty
EU 1999 IV-3 Andrea Biondi The Merchant, the Thief and the Citizen: the Circulation of Works of Art within the European Union
EU 1999 IV-4 Andrea Biondi Gull-Wing Door Cars and The EC Common Customs Tariff: The Clees Case
EU 2003 VIII-3 Charlotte Woodhead Tickets Please: Free Admission to Cultural Institutions and the Impact of EC Law
EU  2004 IX-3 Alessandro Chechi Cultural Matters in the Case Law of the European Court of Justice
Evidence 2012 XVII-4 Jordan Holland The Approach of the English Court to Connoisseurship, Provenance and Technical Analysis
Experts 2014 XIX-1 Nina Neuhaus Art Authentication: Protection of Art Experts from a Swiss Perspective
Export Controls 1996 I-2 Nicholas Bamforth Protecting the National Heritage? Judicial Review and The Three Graces
Export Controls 1997 II-2 Gregory Tolhurst An Outline of Moveable Cultural Heritage Protection in Australia
Export Controls 1997 II-3 Janet Blake Export Embargoes and the International Antiquities Market - the Turkish Experience
Export Controls 1997 II-4 Tini Peterzens-Nysten Export Licensing in the Nordic Countries
Export Controls 1998 III-3 Derek Gillman The Export of National Treasures: Reasonable or Treasonable?
Export Controls 2004 IX-1 Robert K. Paterson and Tore Modeen Canadian and Finnish Cultural Property Export Controls as the Basis for a Model Law
Export Controls 2003 VIII-1 Robert Paterson A Proposed Strategy for the Multilateral Recognition of National Cultural Property: Export Controls
Exports 2011 XVI-1 Daniel Kinsey Undertake Further Consultation: A Summary of the Review of the Protection of Movable Cultural Heritage Act 1986 and Protection of Movable Cultural Heritage Regulations 1987: Report of Public Consultation 2009
Exports 2012 XVII-3 Katarzyna Zalasińska  Export of Cultural Goods: New Polish Regulations
Expropriation 1996 I-1 Ruth Redmond-Cooper Disputed Title to Loaned Works of Art - The Shchukin Litigation
Expropriation 2000 V-1 Marc-Andre Renold A Landmark Decision in Art Law by the European Court of Human Rights - Beyeler v. Italy