Art Antiquity and Law - General Index 1996 - 2014 - G



Topics covered:

Gifts vs Loans
Good Faith



Gems 1997 II-4 Jonathan Wood Valuation of Jewellery for Insurance Re-Visited (Grimaldi Ltd v. Sullivan)
Germany 1997 II-2 Anna Polzer Auction Law and Practice in Germany
Germany 1998 III-4 Antony Mair Misappropriation and Skulduggery in Germany and Russia: the Case of Wtewael's The Holy Family (City of Gotha v. Sotheby's and Cobert Finance)
Germany 1999 IV-2 Paul Lomas and Simon Orton City of Gotha and Federal Republic of Germany v. Sotheby's and Cobert Finance SA: Potential Repercussions from the City of Gotha Decision
Germany 2007 XII-1 Harald König  Claims for the Restitution of Holocaust-Era Cultural Assets and their Resolution in Germany
Germany 2009 XIV-1 Matthias Weller The Safeguarding of Foreign Cultural Objects on Loan in Germany
Germany 2012 XVII-1 Kelly Culbertson Contemporary Customary International Law in the Case of Nefertiti
Germany 2013 XVIII-3 Nina Neuhaus The Poster Collection of Hans Sachs: The Judgment of the Federal Court of Justice
Gift 1997 II-4 A.H. Hudson Gifts, Households and Delivery (Horsley v. Phillips Fine Art Auctioneers Pty Ltd)
Gift 2007 XII-3 A.H. Hudson Gift and Evidence of Gift: Nolan v. Nolan
Gift vs Loan 2007 XII-1 Ina Jahn Loans versus Gifts: Determing the Donor’s Intention (Lord Beaverbrook v. The Beaverbrook Art Gallery)
Gifts 2013 XVIII-3 Katharine Mason The Limitations of Gifts: Levy v. Watt
Gifts 2014 XIX-2 Katharine Mason Fast Cars, Gifts and Conversion: Ecclestone v. Khyami
Gifts 2014 XIX-3 Alexander Herman The Perils of Not Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth: Levy v. Watt
González, Julio 2008 XIII-4 Stephen Sha The Posthumous Bronze Casts of Julio González: An Empirical Survey of Museum Labelling
Good Faith 1997 II-2 Gregory Tolhurst Good Faith, Notice and Innocent Purchasers (International Alpaca Mgmt Pty Ltd v. Ensor)
Good Faith 1998 III-4 Janet Ulph Exercising Due Diligence in Art Transactions
Good Faith 2008 XIII-4 Katarzyna Zalasińska and Janusz Malanowski Good Faith in Art Trading in Poland
Good faith 2014 XIX-1 Katharine Mason Limitation Periods and Good Faith: Kurtha v. Marks
Good faith 2014 XIX-2 Nina M. Neuhaus and Sophie Balay Databases on Lost and Stolen Art: Is Consulting a Database an Inherent Requirement of Good Faith?
Guatemala 2010 XV-2 Jennifer Anglim Kreder and Xavier Beteta Understanding Guatemala’s Cultural Heritage: Extending Protection to  Colonial Art in the MoU between the US and Guatemala
Gurlitt, Cornelius 2014 XIX-1 Norman Palmer Unclaimed Art and the Duty of Active Pursuit: Cornelius Gurlitt and the Hidden Hoard
Gurlitt, Hildebrand 2014 XIX-1 Alexander Herman Hildebrand Gurlitt, the Monuments Men and the Discovery of the Munich Art Trove