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Topics covered:

Hague Convention
Heritage Planning
Historic Complexes
Historic Environment Protection
Historic Monuments
Human Remains
Human Rights




Hague Convention 1954 2004 IX-1 Sabine von Schorlemer Legal Changes in the Regime of the Protection of Cultural Property in Armed Conflict
Hague Convention 1954 2004 IX-2 Patrick O'Keefe The First Protocol to the Hague Convention Fifty Years On
Hague Convention 1954 2003 VIII-3 Kevin Chamberlain The Protection of Cultural Property in Armed Conflict
Haiti 2011 XVI-2 Alexandra Perloff-Giles Rebuilding Haiti: Legal Measures and Ongoing Efforts Concerning the Protection of Haitian Cultural Heritage
Heritage 2001 VI-3 Derek Gillman Legal Conventions and the Construction of Heritage
Heritage 2002 VII-2 Ruth Allan The Protection of Hedgerows as Part of Britain's Cultural Heritage
Heritage 2002 VII-4 Stephen Guest The Value of Art
Heritage crime 2011 XVI-3 Gertrude M. Prescott Tackling Heritage Crime
Heritage Planning 1996 I-4 Richard Harwood Protecting our Heritage - Proposals for Archaeological Reform
Historic Complexes 1998 III-4 Patrick O'Keefe The Council of Europe Recommendation on Historic Complexes
Historic Environment Protection 1996 I-4 Richard Harwood Protecting our Heritage - Proposals for Archaeological Reform
Historic Environment Protection 1997 II-2 A.H. Hudson Historic Buildings, Listings and Fixtures (Lancaster City Council v. Whittingham)
Historic Environment Protection 1998 III-2 Folarin Shyllon The Destruction and Neglect of Historic Monuments in Nigeria
Historic Environment Protection 1998 III-3 Wojciech Kowalski Protecting the Integrity of a Complex Heritage Object
Historic Environment Protection 2004 IX-1 Patrick O'Keefe Historic Complexes
Historic Environment Protection 2000 V-1 He Shuzhong The Mainland's Environment and the Protection of China's Cultural Heritage
Historic Environment Protection 2000 V-1 Norman Palmer and A.H. Hudson Fixtures and Historic Buildings
Historic Environment Protection 2000 V-4 Jeremy Scott Classification of Fixtures under English Law: An Inspector's Whim?
Historic Environment Protection 2001 VI-2 Kathryn Last and Carolyn Shelbourn Caring for Places of Worship? An Analysis of Controls over Listed Buildings in England and Scotland
Historic Environment Protection 2003 VIII-1 John Yarwood Integrating Conservation Strategies into the Overall Development Process
Historic Environment Protection 2003 VIII-2 Carolyn Shelbourn Redundancy, Ruin and Ritual - the Disposal of Ornaments and Furnishings from Anglican Churches
Historic Monuments 2014 XIX-4 Mathilde Roellinger Centenary of the French Law on Historic Monuments
Historic Monuments 2014 XIX-4 Jenny Oram Wye’s Jacobean Statues
Historic Monuments 2014 XIX-4 Marie-Sophie de Clippele with Lucie Lambrecht Protection of Chattels within a Listed Building: the Case of Stoclet Palace, Brussels
Holocaust 1998 III-2 Elissa Myerowitz Protecting Cultural Property During a Time of War
Holocaust 1998 III-2 Kenneth Lindsay Official Art Seizure Under the Military Cloak
Holocaust 1998 III-4 Antony Mair Misappropriation and Skulduggery in Germany and Russia: the Case of Wtewael's The Holy Family (City of Gotha v. Sotheby's and Cobert Finance)
Holocaust 1999 IV-1 Martha Lufkin Caught Holding the Bag: When Stolen Art Claims Hits Museum Hosting Loans Shows
Holocaust 1999 IV-3 David Carey Miller and Nancy Leidiger Natural Law in the Ascendancy: Forced Auction Title Defect; a German Law Case Study
Holocaust 1999 IV-4 Leila Anglade Art, Law and the Holocaust: The French Situation
Holocaust 1999 IV-4 Martha Lufkin The Subpoena Heard Around the World: the Schiele Litigation
Holocaust 1999 IV-4 Patrick O'Keefe The Draft Resolution on Looted Jewish Cultural Property Produced by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
Holocaust 1999 IV-4 Stephen Weil The American Legal Response to the Problem of Holocaust Art
Holocaust 2000 V-3 Wojciech Kowalski The Machinery of Nazi Art Looting: The Nazi Law on the Confiscation of Cultural Property - Poland: a Case Study
Holocaust 2000 V-3 Norman Palmer Museums and the Holocaust: the Futility of Litigation
Holocaust 2000 V-3 Martha Lufkin Why Nazi Loot Ceased being 'Stolen' when US Forces Seized it in Austria: The Federal 'Schiele' Case
Holocaust 2001 VI-3 Norman Palmer Memory and Morality: Museum Policy and Holocaust Cultural Assets
Holocaust 2002 VII-2 John Timmins The Macchiaioli Affair: Lost and Found in Italy
Holocaust 2002 VII-3 Martha Lufkin Whistling Past the Graveyard isn't Enough: US May Seek to Confiscate Painting Lent by Austrian Museum which Allegedly Knew it was Nazi Loot
Holocaust 2002 VII-3 Teresa Giovanini The Holocaust and Looted Art
Holocaust 2003 VIII-1 Leila Anglade The Portrait of Pastor Adrianus Tegularius by Franz Hals: the Schloss Case before the French Criminal Courts
Holocaust 2006 XI-4 Martha Lufkin A Sea-Snake at the Austrian National Gallery: Republic of Austria v. Altmann
Holocaust 2006 XI-4 Kevin Chamberlain The US Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act and its Application to Nazi-Appropriated Works of Art: Claude Cassirer v. Kingdom of Spain
Holocaust 2007 XII-1 Norman Palmer Spoliation and Holocaust-Related Cultural Objects: Legal and Ethical Models for the Resolution of Claims
Holocaust 2007 XII-1 Morwenna Blewett Restoring for the Reich: Commercial and Institutional Restorers in the Service of the Nazi Kleptocracy
Holocaust 2007 XII-1 Maria O. Wantuch and Anne Niethammer Compensation for Nazi Wrongdoing: the Case for an Integrated Approach
Holocaust 2007 XII-1 Harald König  Claims for the Restitution of Holocaust-Era Cultural Assets and their Resolution in Germany
Holocaust 2007 XII-1 Matthias Weller The Return of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s Berliner Straβenszene
Holocaust 2007 XII-4 Lauren Redman Orkin v. Taylor – A Satisfying Solution to a Dispute over a Van Gogh or a Blow for Holocaust Art Restitution Claims in United States Federal Court?
Holocaust 2008 XIII-3 Jennifer Anglim Kreder Reconciling Individual and Group Justice with the Need for Repose in Nazi-Looted Art Disputes: Creation of an International Tribunal
Holocaust 2008 XIII-4 Kevin Chamberlain Holocaust Art Claims and Public International Law
Holocaust 2009 XIV-2 Nawojka Cieślińska-Lobkowicz Dealing with Jewish Cultural Property in Post-War Poland
Holocaust 2010 XV-1 Norman Palmer Responding to Conscience:   the Holocaust (Return of Cultural Objects) Act 2009
Holocaust 2011 XVI-3 Charles A. Goldstein and Yael Weitz  Claim by Museums of Public Trusteeship and their Response to Restitution Claims: A Self-Serving Attempt to Keep Holocaust-Looted Art
Holocaust 2012 XVII-1 Jhiela C. Mirdamadi  Too Little, Too Late: Dunbar v. Seger-Thomschitz and the Ongoing Challenge Posed by Prescriptive periods in Holocaust-Era Art and Cultural Property Restitution Matters
Holocaust 2013 XVIII-2 Charlotte Woodhead Nazi Era Spoliation: Establishing Procedural and Substantive Principles
Holocaust  2014 XIX-1 Alexander Herman Hildebrand Gurlitt, the Monuments Men and the Discovery of the Munich Art Trove
Human Remains 1996 I-4 Norman Palmer The Body as Property (Dobson v. North Tyneside Health Authority)
Human Remains 1998 III-3 Norman Palmer Artists, Corpses, Property and Theft (R v. Kelly)
Human Remains 2004 IX-2 Charlotte Woodhead Summary of the Report of the Working Group on Human Remains in Museums Collections
Human Remains 2004 IX-2 Hetty Gleave, Sally McDonald, Peter Morris, Patrick O'Keefe and Norman Palmer Human Remains: Transparency, Perspective and Balance
Human Remains 2004 IX-3 Charlotte Woodhead Re Holy Trinity, Bosham: The Mystery of King Harold's Final Resting Place
Human Remains 2000 V-3 Tristan Shek Can Dust Remain Dust? English Law and Indigenous Human Remains
Human Remains 2002 VII-4 Charlotte Woodhead A Debate which Crosses all Borders - The Repatriation of Human Remains: More Than Just a Legal Question
Human Remains 2003 VIII-3 Charlotte Woodhead Exhumation of a National Hero and the Return to His Homeland In re St Mary the Virgin, Hurley
Human Remains 2005 X-4 Kevin Chamberlain We Need to Lay our Ancestors to Rest: Repatriation of Indigenous Human Remains and the Human Rights Act
Human Remains 2006 XI-2 Carolyn Shelbourn Bringing the Skeletons out of the Closet? The Law and Human Remains in Art, Archaeology and Museum Collections
Human Remains 2008 XIII-2 Melanie Bristow Human Remains in Museums Today: A Symposium
Human Remains 2009 XIV-3 Marie Cornu The Human Body in the Museum: from a Person to an Object?
Human Remains 2010 XV-3 Carolyn Shelbourn Digging the Dead – Burial Archaeology in Britain: Law, Policy and the Case for Reform
Human Remains 2013 XVIII-1 Carolyn Shelbourn Burial Archaeology: Reflections on the Law, Policy and Ethics of Research on Human Remains and ‘Digging the Dead’
Human Remains 2013 XVIII-3 Katharine Mason An Appropriate Resting Place for a King? R. (on the application of the Plantagenet Alliance Ltd) v. Secretary of State for Justice and Others
Human Remains 2014 XIX-1 Katharine Mason Human Remains: Factors Governing Applications to Disinter: R. (on the application of Rudewicz) v. The Secretary of State for Justice
Human Remains 2014 XIX-3 Nikolay Nenov Stefan Karadzha’s Tombstone in the Baba Tonka House Museum
Human Rights 2000 V-1 Marc-Andre Renold A Landmark Decision in Art Law by the European Court of Human Rights - Beyeler v. Italy
Human Rights 2003 VIII-4 Kevin Chamberlain The Iraq (United Nations Sanctions) Order 2003 - Is It Human Rights Act-Compatible?
Human Rights 2005 X-2 Dawn Watkins Freedom of Artistic Expression and the Human Rights Act 1998
Human Rights 2005 X-4 Kevin Chamberlain We Need to Lay our Ancestors to Rest: Repatriation of Indigenous Human Remains and the Human Rights Act
Human Rights 2007 XII-2 Paul Kearns Art’s Demise in the European Court of Human Rights
Human Rights 2013 XVIII-3 Paul Kearns A Hidden Minority: A Comparative Study of the Rights of Artists in England, France and the USA
Hungary 2003 VIII-1 David Papp The Treasure of Ujfeherto