Art Antiquity and Law - General Index 1996 - 2014 - J



Topics covered:

Judicial Review




Jamaica 2003 VIII-1 John Yarwood Integrating Conservation Strategies into the Overall Development Process
Japan 1999 IV-2 Jonathan Wood Ownership Wrangle over Stolen Renoir Found in Japan
Japan 2003 VIII-2 Toshiyuki Kono and Eriko Kani Japan's Measures for the Implementation of the 1970 UNESCO Convention
Jewellery 1997 II-4 Jonathan Wood Valuation of Jewellery for Insurance Re-Visited (Grimaldi Ltd v. Sullivan)
Jewellery 1999 IV-4 Monica Jackson Jewellery from a Tomb in Metaponto: a Chronological Review
Jewellery 2010 XV-3 Jack Ogden Will the Glitterati be Affected if they make Glitter Arty? Jewellery and the Artist’s Resale Right
Judicial Review 1996 I-2 Nicholas Bamforth Protecting the National Heritage? Judicial Review and The Three Graces
Judicial review 2013 XVIII-3 Katharine Mason An Appropriate Resting Place for a King? R. (on the application of the Plantagenet Alliance Ltd) v. Secretary of State for Justice and Others