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Topics covered:

Machu Picchu
Money Laundering
Monuments Men
Moral Rights




Macchiaioli 2002 VII-2 John Timmins The Macchiaioli Affair: Lost and Found in Italy
Machu Picchu 2011 XVI-1 Rosemary Listing The Treasure Quest: Peru, Machu Picchu and the Yale Peruvian Expedition of 1911-1916
Mali 2013 XVIII-4 Afolasade Abidemi Adewumi War Time Pains, All Time Pains: Spoilage of Cultural Property in Mali
Manuscripts 2002 VII-1 Jongsok Kim The Oe-KyuJangGak Archives
Matrimonial 2012 XVII-2 Nina Neuhaus Antiquities Business as a Matrimonial Asset: Rossi v. Rossi
Mecenat 2013 XVIII-3 Yeojin Kim The Development of the Mecenat Movement in Korea – Solidarity between Arts and Enterprise: A Comparison with the United Kingdom and the United States
Mediation 1998 III-1 Sir Anthony Mason Mediation and Art Disputes
Mediation 2012 XVII-2 Norman Palmer The Mediation of Cultural and Spiritual Questions: Mohinder Singh Khaira v. Daljit Singh Shergill
Mexico 2002 VII-3 Magdalena Morales Rojas and Kimberley Shmeits Preservation of Mexico's Cultural Heritage
Mexico 2003 VIII-3 Peter McGarrick Lorca's Poet in New York - a 64-Year-Long Saga
Misattribution 1996 I-1 Norman Palmer Misattribution and the Meaning of Forgery - the De Balkany Litigation
Money Laundering 1998 III-4 Ian Snaith Art, Antiques and the Fruits of Crime: Laundering, Investigations and Confiscation (Part I)
Money Laundering 1999 IV-1 Ian Snaith Art, Antiquities and the Fruits of Crime: Laundering, Investigation and Confiscation (Part II)
Money Laundering 2011 XVI-1 Janet Ulph The Impact of the Criminal Law and Money Laundering Measures upon the Illicit Trade in Art and Antiquities
Monuments Men 1998 III-2 Kenneth Lindsay Official Art Seizure Under the Military Cloak
Monuments Men 2014 XIX-1 Alexander Herman Hildebrand Gurlitt, the Monuments Men and the Discovery of the Munich Art Trove
Moral rights 2013 XVIII-3 Paul Kearns A Hidden Minority: A Comparative Study of the Rights of Artists in England, France and the USA
Moral rights 2014 XIX-2 Alexander Herman The Fake Chagall, The Asphalt Jungle and Moral Rights in France
Museums 1997 II-2 Antony Griffiths Codes of Conduct
Museums 1997 II-2 Helen Simpson and David Booton The New Publication Right: how it will affect Museums and Galleries
Museums 1997 II-2 Peter Wienand Museums as International Copyright Owners
Museums 1997 II-2 Sir Nicholas Goodison A New Era for Museums?
Museums 1998 III-4 Andrea Accornero Access to Cultural Properties vs. Conservation: the New Italian Law for Pompei
Museums 1999 IV-1 Martha Lufkin Caught Holding the Bag: When Stolen Art Claims Hits Museum Hosting Loans Shows
Museums 1999 IV-3 Keith Stanton The Rights of the Disappointed Gallery - Queensland Art Gallery Board of Trustees v. Henderson Trout
Museums 1999 IV-4 Martha Lufkin The Subpoena Heard Around the World: the Schiele Litigation
Museums 2001 VI-3 Norman Palmer Memory and Morality: Museum Policy and Holocaust Cultural Assets
Museums 2001 VI-4 Humphrey Wine The Missing Goya: Section 11 of the Theft Act 1968
Museums 2001 VI-4 Rosalie Cass The Museum Courier and the Distribution of Liability for Loans in Transit
Museums 2002 VII-4 Tristan Shek Obscenity Laws and Art Exhibitions
Museums 2003 VIII-1 Sir Anthony Mason Ethical Dilemmas for Charities: Museums and the Conscionable Disposal of Art
Museums 2003 VIII-1 Paul Kearns Controversial Art and the Criminal Law
Museums 2006 XI-1 Sir Anthony Mason Statutory Obligation v. Moral Obligation in the World of Charity: A.G. v. The Trustees of the British Museum
Museums 2006 XI-2 Timothy Potts Combating Illicit Trade: An Assessment
Museums 2006 XI-2 Marie Cornu Museum Pre-Emption Rights Under French Law
Museums 2006 XI-2 Carolyn Shelbourn Bringing the Skeletons out of the Closet? The Law and Human Remains in Art, Archaeology and Museum Collections
Museums 2006 XI-3 Edward Manisty Private Treaty Sale to a Museum of Heritage Chattels when the Acquiring Institution is not a Body within Schedule 3 Inheritance Act 1983
Museums 2007 XII-1 Ina Jahn Loans versus Gifts: Determing the Donor’s Intention (Lord Beaverbrook v. The Beaverbrook Art Gallery)
Museums 2007 XII-1 Lyndel Prott Van Leeuwen: the Compulsive Collector
Museums 2008 XIII-2 Melanie Bristow Human Remains in Museums Today: A Symposium
Museums 2008 XIII-3 Jessica Caban Charity, Morality and the Relinquishment of Objects from Museum Collections
Museums 2008 XIII-4 Stephen Sha The Posthumous Bronze Casts of Julio González: An Empirical Survey of Museum Labelling
Museums 2009 XIV-2 Sue Chen Art Deaccessions and the Limits of Fiduciary Duty
Museums 2009 XIV-2 Marieke Luiten‑van Meijeren The Museum Management Hype: Where Will It All Lead To?
museums 2009 XIV-3 Marie Cornu The Human Body in the Museum: from a Person to an Object?
Museums 2010 XV-1 Edward Manisty and Julian Smith The Deaccessioning of Objects from Public Institutions: Legal and Related Considerations
Museums 2010 XV-1 Norman Palmer Responding to Conscience:   the Holocaust (Return of Cultural Objects) Act 2009
museums 2011 XVI-2 Derek Fincham Deaccession of Art from the Public Trust
Museums 2011 XVI-3 Charles A. Goldstein and Yael Weitz  Claim by Museums of Public Trusteeship and their Response to Restitution Claims: A Self-Serving Attempt to Keep Holocaust-Looted Art
Museums 2012 XVII-1 Pamela Sidey Paintings, Politics and the ‘True North Strong and Free’: The Legislation and Litigation of the McMichael Canadian Collection Art Mandate
museums 2012 XVII-2 Kathleen Soriano How We Made a Blockbuster out of Bronze
Museums 2013 XVIII-1 Harry Martin Protecting Cultural Assets in the Event of Insolvency: In Re: Wedgwood Museum Trust Limited (In Administration)
museums 2013 XVIII-3 Leila Amineddoleh The Role of Museums in the Trade of Black Market Cultural Heritage Property
Museums 2013 XVIII-3 Alexander Herman Antiquities, Blocked Assets and Iran: A Warning to Museums? Rubin v. Iran
Museums 2014 XIX-1 Andrzej Jakubowski Black Sea Tomb Raiders and the Practice of Global Cultural Exchange: Revisiting the Ethics and Responsbility of Museums
Museums 2014 XIX-3 Nikolay Nenov Stefan Karadzha’s Tombstone in the Baba Tonka House Museum
Museums  1996 I-4 Jennifer White When it's O.K. to sell the Monet: a Trustee-Fiduciary-Duty Framework for analyzing the Deaccessioning of Art to meet Museum Operating Expenses