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Orphan Works




Obscenity 2002 VII-4 Tristan Shek Obscenity Laws and Art Exhibitions
Obscenity 2003 VIII-1 Paul Kearns Controversial Art and the Criminal Law
Obscenity 2007 XII-4 Daniel Thomas The Relationship between Obscenity Law and Contemporary Art in the United Kingdom, the United States and Other Jurisdictions
Obscenity 2013 XVIII-2 Paul Kearns Very Challenging Art and the Contemporary Enforcement of Morality in England
Obscenity 2013 XVIII-3 Paul Kearns A Hidden Minority: A Comparative Study of the Rights of Artists in England, France and the USA
Orphan Works 2012 XVII-4 Barbara Lauriat Semi-Formal Copyright: the Past and Future of Orphan Works
Ownership 2011 XVI-2 Jo Torr How Differing Notions of Ownership Have an Impact on Loans