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Topics covered:

Parthenon Sculptures
Portable Antiquities
Pre-emption Rights
Private International Law
Professional Negligence
Publication Right




Parthenon Sculptures 2000 V-4 Hon. E.G. Whitlam Pericles, Pheidias and the Parthenon
Parthenon Sculptures 2001 VI-1 William G. Stewart The Marbles: Elgin or Parthenon?
Pawn 2006 XI-4 A.H. Hudson Contract Transformed into Tort – Pledges and Pawns: AITC v. Bond Street Jewellers Ltd and Condrup
Peru 2002 VII-4 Steve Bourget Ancient Cultures in Peril: The Case of Peru
Peru 2011 XVI-1 Rosemary Listing The Treasure Quest: Peru, Machu Picchu and the Yale Peruvian Expedition of 1911-1916
Photographs 2000 V-1 Simon Stokes Copyright in Photographs of Works of Art: the Bridgeman Litigation
Planning 1996 I-4 Richard Harwood Protecting our Heritage - Proposals for Archaeological Reform
Planning 1997 II-2 A.H. Hudson Historic Buildings, Listings and Fixtures (Lancaster City Council v. Whittingham)
Planning 2000 V-1 Norman Palmer and A.H. Hudson Fixtures and Historic Buildings
Planning 2000 V-4 Jeremy Scott Classification of Fixtures under English Law: An Inspector's Whim?
Planning 2001 VI-2 Kathryn Last and Carolyn Shelbourn Caring for Places of Worship? An Analysis of Controls over Listed Buildings in England and Scotland
Planning 2003 VIII-1 John Yarwood Integrating Conservation Strategies into the Overall Development Process
Planning 2007 XII-4 A.H. Hudson A Chapel and Two Chandeliers (listed building appeal)
Pledge 2006 XI-4 A.H. Hudson Contract Transformed into Tort – Pledges and Pawns: AITC v. Bond Street Jewellers Ltd and Condrup
Pledge 2014 XIX-4 Katharine Mason Raising Money Against Art: Priority of Pledges and Enforceability of Loans: Bassano v. Toft
Poland 1996 I-2 Wojciech Kowalski Title to Finds and Discovered Antiquities under Polish Law
Poland 1997 II-2 Wojciech Kowalski Under the Polish Hammer: Auction Practice and Law in an Emerging Market Economy
Poland 1999 IV-2 Wojciech Kowalski Conservation of Works of Art Under Polish Copyright Law
Poland 2000 V-3 Wojciech Kowalski The Machinery of Nazi Art Looting: The Nazi Law on the Confiscation of Cultural Property - Poland: a Case Study
Poland 2008 XIII-4 Katarzyna Zalasińska and Janusz Malanowski Good Faith in Art Trading in Poland
Poland 2009 XIV-2 Nawojka Cieślińska-Lobkowicz Dealing with Jewish Cultural Property in Post-War Poland
Poland 2012 XVII-3 Katarzyna Zalasińska  Export of Cultural Goods: New Polish Regulations
Police 2006 XI-2 Gertrude M. Prescott A Different Kind of ‘Special’: The Metropolitan Police’s Art and Antiques Unit’s Initiative ArtBEAT
Portable Antiquities 1996 I-1 Clive Cheesman Religious Offerings and the Intention to Recover in the Law of Treasure Trove
Portable Antiquities 1996 I-3 Ben Ward Portable Antiquities in England and Wales: Current Reporting Arrangements and a Proposed Statutory System
Portable Antiquities 1996 I-4 David Carey Miller and Alison Sheridan Treasure Trove in Scots Law
Portable Antiquities 1999 IV-3 Roger Bland The Treasure Act and Portable Antiquities Scheme: A Progress Report
Pre-emption Rights 2006 XI-2 Marie Cornu Museum Pre-Emption Rights Under French Law
Pre-emption Rights 2012 XVII-2 Camille Israel State Protected, State Owned, State Sanctioned: Cultural Heritage and the Right of Pre-emption
Prescription 1998 III-3 Ruth Redmond-Cooper Quedlinburg Indictment Comes too Late
Prescription 1999 IV-4 Ruth Redmond-Cooper Time Limits in Art and Antiquity Claims (Part I)
Prescription 2000 V-2 Astrid Mueller-Katzenburg Possession and Ownership of Stolen or Otherwise Lost Works of Art
Prescription 2000 V-2 Ruth Redmond-Cooper Limitation of Actions in Art and Antiquity Claims (Part II)
Prescription 2001 VI-3 Lambert Kohling Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem v. Christie's
Prescription 2012 XVII-1 Jhiela C. Mirdamadi  Too Little, Too Late: Dunbar v. Seger-Thomschitz and the Ongoing Challenge Posed by Prescriptive periods in Holocaust-Era Art and Cultural Property Restitution Matters
Private International Law 2007 XII-1 Marc Weber Iran v. Berend – Renvoi for Movable Property?
Private International Law 2010 XV-1 Matthias Weller Choice-of-Law Rules for Droit de Suite: the German Model
Procedure 1998 III-3 Katherine Sykes Striking Out for Delay (Mohamed Al-Fayed v. Emanouel Antiques Ltd)
Procedure 2013 XVIII-1 Alessandro Chechi Evaluating the Establishment of an International Cultural Heritage Court
Procedure 2013 XVIII-4 Katharine Mason “Treacherous Short Cuts”: To Split or not to Split a Trial: Avrora Fine Arts Investments Ltd v. Christie, Manson & Woods Ltd
Professional negligence 2013 XVIII-1 Paul Stevenson The Mystery of the Coleridge Collar: William Duke Coleridge, 5th Baron Coleridge of Ottery St Mary v. Sotheby’s
Provenance 2005 X-3 Norman Palmer Keeping the Score: The Rachmaninoff Claim and the Circumspection of Auction Houses
Provenance 2005 X-4 Isabelle Fellrath Gazzini The Swiss Supreme Court Decides: India v. Credit Agricole Suisse
Publication Right 1997 II-2 Helen Simpson and David Booton The New Publication Right: how it will affect Museums and Galleries