The Institute of Art and Law is an educational organisation giving knowledge and perspective on the law relating to cultural heritage a concept which includes art, antiquities, archives, archaeology, architecture, monuments, treasure and much, much more.  IAL's educational remit is fulfilled through publishing and courses. It convenes distance learning and intensive courses (both public and in-house) on art and museums law, as well as seminars, study groups and conferences in the United Kingdom and abroad. It also publishes monographs and commentaries on all aspects of the law relating to cultural heritage, in addition to a quarterly periodical, Art Antiquity and Law, now in its eighteenth year.

The law of cultural heritage is a wide remit: it encompasses a vast range of subject matter, from copyright and art theft, to protection of buried treasure and shipwrecks, return of human remains from museum collections, restitution of illegally exported antiquities and art wrongfully taken in time of war including Holocaust-looted, archives and religious objects, through to planning regulations protecting listed buildings and scheduled monuments, and the organisation of international blockbuster exhibitions.

Internationally recognised, IAL delivers, through its educational and publishing programmes, a depth of knowledge unrivalled elsewhere.


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Forthcoming seminars and courses

Art and Insurance: a one-day seminar in London on 29th May 2014 with the generous support of Clyde & Co LLP - please email us if you would like full details as soon as they become available. Speakers include Tony Baumgartner (Clyde & Co.), Simon Craig (Acme Group, Italy), t.b.c. (Blackwall Green), Jane Knowles (Royal Academy), Richard Nicholson (Willis Group), Mike Roderick (Clyde & Co.). Topics to be covered include:
How an insurance policy works
Measuring indemnity under valued policies
The scope of cover under PI and defective title covers
The Government Indemnity Scheme: the perspectives of a broker and a museum representative
The perspective of a loss adjuster liaising with the Italian Carabinieri

The new Diploma in Intellectual Property and Collections will be held in London in June 2014

The Diploma in Law and Collections Management will run again in association with the Australasian Registrars Committee - Brisbane 31st March - 4th April 2014. Email us to express an interest or reserve a place.

The current programme for the Diploma in Art Profession Law and Ethics is now half completed, and as a result of demand we will be repeating the course later this year: the next intake will be in September this year - please email us if you would like to reserve a provisional place.


New: Returned from Russia - with 2013 Afterword - recent developments in the return of twice-plundered archives have meant that a supplement to the original 2007 edition is necessary. In the 2013 Afterword Patricia Grimsted relates more recent developments: initial returns to Austria in 2009, the search for Masonic files in Moscow, continuing hope for return of Greek and other Jewish records, offset by the lack of progress in returns from Russia to Poland and Germany, and the quandary of NS-period records divided between Moscow and Germany. She vividly describes the controversial pending claim in US Court for books and archives in Moscow by the Chabad Community in Brooklyn. In conclusion she recalls with hope the Russian commitments ‘to facilitate the return of ‘displaced’ cultural valuables still held in Russia’. The 2013 Afterword is included in the revised edition of Returned from Russia, and is also be available as a standalone document for those who already have a copy of the 2007 edition.


Art Antiquity and Law

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In the December 2013 issue:
Spoilage of Cultural Property in Mali (Afolasade Abidemi Adewumi)
The Restitution of Cultural Property in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (Shea Esterling)
Chabad Sacred Texts, Russian-American Art Loans and a Tall Ship Named Hope: Beyond Cold War over a Restitution Claim? (Patricia Kennedy Grimsted)
Case notes: Executors of Lord Howard of Henderskelfe (deceased) v. Revenue and Customs Commissioners (Wasting Assets) (Elizabeth Emerson)
Avrora Fine Arts Investments Ltd v. Christie, Manson & Woods Ltd (Split Trials) (Katharine Mason)

Forthcoming in the April 2014 issue:
An Assessment of the US and China's Memorandum of Understanding for 2014 (Mia Logan)
Hildebrand Gurlitt, the Monuments Men and the Discovery of the Munich Art Trove (Alexander Herman)
Unclaimed Art and the Duty of Active Pursuit: Cornelius Gurlitt and the Hidden Hoard (Norman Palmer)
Art Authentication: Protection of Art Experts from a Swiss Perspective (Nina Neuhaus)
Black Sea Tomb Raiders and the Practice of Global Cultural Exchange: Revisiting the Ethics and Responsibility of Museums (Andrzej Jakubowski)
Case notes: R (on the application of Rudewicz v Secretary of State for Justice (Human Remains: Factors Governing Decisions to Disinter) (Katharine Mason)
Gaydamak v. Leviev (Agency and the Enforceability of Agreements) (Katharine Mason)
Kurtha v. Marks (Limitation Periods and Good Faith) (Katharine Mason)