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Upcoming Events

  • Art Transactions Afternoon Seminar

    This afternoon seminar is being offered by the Institute of Art & Law (IAL) with gracious support from Hunters Solicitors. It will focus on transactions involving artworks and other cultural objects. What should buyers and sellers of art always look out for? What laws govern art transactions in the UK? What contractual terms should be […]

  • Scales of Justice

    Next DipAPLE class on cultural assets on 10 February

    Our Diploma in Art Profession Law and Ethics (DipAPLE), which is once again running this year, began in October. This course covers everything from copyright in art and moral rights for artists, to sales and commercial agreements in the art world, to the law of treasure and scheduled monuments. The course runs over seven months, […]

  • Art, Business and Law LLM

    This unique Masters in Law Programme (LLM) is running in partnership between the Institute of Art and Law and the Centre of Commercial Law Studies (CCLS) at Queen Mary, University of London. The programme will cover every major legal area affecting the art market and arts management and is ideal for practitioners in this field. The […]

Latest News

  • Banksy’s Paint Pot Angel, legal rights and the art market

    An interesting story has made it out of Bristol, the home city (apparently) of the elusive street artist Banksy. Back in 2009, Banksy had collaborated with the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery on an exhibition called Banksy versus Bristol Museum. In true Banksy style, it featured a burnt-out ice cream van on the Museum’s front […]

    Published: January 19, 2018
  • The portrait of Greta Moll, the National Gallery and ‘quintessentially’ British statements

    Oskar and Greta Moll were two German students of Henri Matisse. In 1908, they purchased a portrait of Greta painted by the Master himself (the Portrait). Later, having survived the Second World War but concerned of the impeding partition of Germany, they decided to move to Wales in 1946. In preparation for the move, Greta […]

    Published: January 16, 2018
  • Ancient crown to be returned to Turkey in out-of-court settlement

    A golden crown dating from the fourth-century BC will be returned to Turkey following an out-of-court settlement between a Turkish national residing in Scotland and the Government of Turkey. The crown, reported to have been valued at £250,000, was in the possession of Edinburgh café owner Murat Aksakalli, who claimed to have inherited it from […]

    Published: December 12, 2017

Latest Publications

  • Protecting Cultural Objects: Before and After 1970

    by Patrick J. O’Keefe (2017) This book provides a comprehensive analysis not only of the 1970 UNESCO Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property, but of the historical background that led to the adoption of the Convention and of the ways in which […]

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  • Art Antiquity and Law: 2017 Annual Subscription

    In 2017, there were four issues of Art Antiquity and Law (Volume XXII, Issues 1-4). The April 2017 issue included articles on the role of trusts in cultural property claims and the restitution of art collections. The July 2017 issue focused on Brexit and its potential impact on art law. The October 2017 issue covered Crimean heritage […]

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  • Art, Adventure and Advocacy

    (2015)  In this volume, distinguished art lawyer Professor Norman Palmer gives a bird’s eye view of contemporary issues in art claims and litigation. He outlines the legal machinery driving the cross-border movement of cultural objects and explores the title questions that come to light when art travels globally.

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