Art, Antiquity and Law Journal 2017


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Vol XX, Issue 1, 2017 


The Role of Trusts in Cultural Property Claims
Luke Harris

The Kaumheimer Case: Requisition, Restitution and Dispersion of a Collection of Porcelain Art from the 1930s to the Present Day Giovanni Dellantonio 

Human Remains as Heritage: Categorisation, Legislation and Protection
Christopher Frerking and Heather Gill-Frerking

Identities of Lawyers in Opera and Real Life: A Dialogue between the World of Law and the World of Opera  Inger Høedt-Rasmussen

Case Notes

New York Courts’ Goldilocks Complex: the Porridge of Factors Comprising Agency Relationships in Art Transactions  Schulhof v. Jacobs

Megan E. Noh 85 Gifts and Bankruptcy Wood v. Lowe   Katharine Mason

Vol XX, Issue 2, 2017


Art and Brexit

Introduction  Uma Suthersanen

Outside the Debate: The Potential Impact of Brexit for Cultural Heritage in the UK  Kristin Hausler and Richard Mackenzie-Gray Scott 

Brexit, Art Loans and Contracts Left in Limbo
Geoffrey Bennett

Tackling Art Crime and Obtaining Restitution of Cultural Property Post-Brexit
Tony Baumgartner

The Rise of Negotiation (ADR) in Restitution, Return and Repatriation of Cultural Property: Moral Pressure and Power Pressure  Folarin Shyllon 

Art Disputes and their Resolution through ADR: A Matter of Creativity Rather than of Brexit Implications  Debbie De Girolamo 

Art Disputes and Procedural Matters Post-Brexit  Hetty Gleave 

Copyright in Photographs of Paintings: the UK Approach, the Impact of European Jurisprudence and the Prospects in a Post-Brexit World  Emily Gould and Alexander Herman

Property and Culture: A Case Study on Orphan Works Uma Suthersanen

Vol XX, Issue 3, 2017


Whose Cultural Heritage?
Crimean Treasures at the Crossroads of Politics, Law and Ethics  Evelien Campfens

Art-Secured Lending and Related Considerations: An Overview of the Canadian Legal Framework  Elisa Durante

Shifting Legal Roles in /dealings with Artwork as Collateral: An Australian Perspective  Sheelagh McCracken and Greg Tolhurst 

China’s New Law on Art Auctions  Hui Zhong

UK Rati cation of the Hague Convention  Emily Gould 

Protecting Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Con ict:
New Challenges and Recent Developments in the Context of UNESCO  Artemis Papathanassiou

The Holocaust Expropriated Art Recovery Act A Sea Change in US Law of Restitution  Nicholas M. O’Donnell 

Case Note

Planning Decisions and the Impact on Monuments and Listed Buildings R (on the application of Williams) v. Powys County Council  Katharine Mason 

Vol XX, Issue 4, 2017


The Impact of Currency Fluctuations in the World of Art and Antiquities
Michael Howard and John Knott

Benin Dialogue Group: Perhaps No Longer a Dialogue with the Deaf! University of Cambridge Students to the Rescue!  Folarin Shyllon 

Which Public Whose Interest? Rethinking Merryman’s ‘The Public Interest in Cultural Property’  Erin Thompson

Nazi-Looted Art: A Note in Favour of Clear Standards and Neutral Procedures
Evelien Campfens

The Art of Giving: Deathbed Gifts and Gifts Inter Vivos  Holly Woodhead 

Case Notes

Planning Decisions and the Impact on Setting, Steer v. Secretary of State for Communities and Others  Katharine Mason 



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